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Lost in the west

 En desarrollo                

PRODUCTION: Galdo Media / Nickelodeon

FORMAT: 2x 50 '




Dave is a handsome man with two important motivations in his life: (a) the girls and (b) how to flirt with them. Chip is a freak with a more modest ambition: unraveling the secrets of space and time. Dave and Chip are brothers and attend the same high school in Vista de Nada. Chip is working on a cell phone with a self-recharging battery, based on the Brennan-Manley theory of non-linear energy, only something goes wrong and the device takes them down a wormhole, taking a 150-year time jump.


In the middle of the 19th century, Vista de Nada is a small town in the old Far West controlled by the evil Doc Duvalier and his unpresentable sons Mitch and Cody. In this strange world Dave and Chip soon make new friends: Luna a brave and generous Indian girl, Jane, tougher than any cowboy and with the character of a puma from the prairie and Billy the Kid himself.


The Far West is really cool but Dave and Chip can't go sightseeing, there's so much to do: try not to attract attention, get the phone back, win a rodeo to save Luna's grandfather's ranch, sink Duvalier's plans to take over the whole town, find a way to return to the present and, above all, get to the end-of-term party on time.


And they only have 48 hours!


Un viaje introspectivo que dio vida al más grande poeta de la literatura española.

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