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Un canguro muy famoso (Celebrity Babysistters)

Estreno: 01-07-2003 (2003) | 01-10-2003

Horario de emisión: Prime Time en Canal Sur 























In Un canguro muy famoso, celebrities must show their talents as a babysitter for a large family, in which their babysitting skills and abilities will be evaluated. The celebrity will receive prior instructions and recommendations from the parents of the small children, such as the time they must go to bed at or what they have to eat for tea or for their evening meal, all under the watchful gaze of the television cameras, which will record everything that happens while they are babysitting. Once the contestants are in the television studio, they must face a special jury consisting of the children, the parents and the audience.



Mercedes Milá and Juan Y Medio were the first celebrities to take part in this game show. They subjected themselves to the tough test of looking at seven children, belonging to the same family, for eight hours.


Esther Arroyo



Mercedes Milá y Juan y Medio

Boris Izaguirre y Antonia Dell`Atte Raquel Infante y Máximo Valverde

Puchi Lagarde y Miguel de Miguel

Carmen Janeiro y Alonso Caparrós

Ramoncín y Jacqueline de la Vega

Ivonne Reyes y Eva Pedraza

Rappel y Nani Gaitán

Javier Temprano y Antonio Hidalgo 



The winner of each program received money earmarked for a charitable cause.

The loser was mounted on a mechanical bull.

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