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Calles de fuego (Streets of Fire)


Every weekend in a working class neighbourhood, cars are turning up burned out. These incidents cause the neighbours’ mood to gradually turn sour and they accuse the police and judges of allowing gangs to do as they please around the streets. Now a bar owner, the ex-policeman Jiménez organizes street patrols by neighbours to put a stop to the situation and restore order in the neighbourhood.

Al alcance de su mano (Within Reach)


Olga is an extremely attractive, twenty-five year-old woman, who comes to Seville from the town where she was living with her father. She moves into a flat with her cousin Lupe, a waitress in a pizza restaurant. Olga starts working there with her but is fired not long after.

Pasión adolescente (Teenage Passion)


Based on a true story, this film tells the story of Mónica, a sixteen-year-old girl who falls madly in love with her philosophy teacher, Fernando. The girl begins to idealize her feelings to the point of fantasising situations and inventing all kinds of childish ruses to catch his attention.

Salvaje (Savage)


Isabel works as a journalist for a television production company. She is completely devoted to her job and hardly has time for her family. Her husband Miguel and their son Carlos have a serious accident, for which she feels responsible and falls into a deep depression. Alfonso, a journalist who works with her husband, encourages her to take charge of running a small audiovisual company belonging to Miguel.

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