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Somos cómplices (Accesories)


Somos cómplices [Accessories] tells the story of Harvey Slater (Martijn Kuiper), the son of a couple of American millionaires. With his life nearly over, Harvey’s father, played by Larry Hagman, confesses to Harvey that they had in fact adopted him. Harvey decides to search for his biological family in Spain. However, matters will all become complicated and the young millionaire will run into the devious trickster Soledad Méndez (Cristina Peña). Soledad has one thing straight: she wants Harvey’s money for herself. She has special information to get her hands on it and so will prepare her big move: the formation of a bogus family, the Altamiranos, who will welcome Harvey with open arms and open pockets. To accomplish her aim, Soledad must recruit a group of people who will transform into a perfect, traditional Spanish family overnight. Cecilia (María Luisa Merlo), Antonio (Bruno Squarcia), Gerardo (Aleix Albareda), Mario (Xisco Segura), Marta (Lucía Hoyos) and Virginia (Nuria Benet) will be some of the bogus family members. All of the people in the group have one thing in common: they are unaware of Soledad’s true plans and have debts for diverse reasons.



Somos Cómplices is an adaptation from the Chilean series Cómplices [Accessories], which has been sold to more than thirty television stations around the world. 


Cristina Peña (Soledad Méndez) Martijn Kuiper (Harvey Slater)

Maria Luisa Merlo (Cecilia Rodríguez)

Bruno Squarcia (Antonio García)

Xisco Segura (Mario Palacios)

Aleix Albareda (Gerardo Porras)

Karmele Aranburu (Lía)

Lucía Hoyos (Marta Moya)

Nuria Benet (Virginia)

Paula Prendes (Andrea Méndez)

María Cantuel (Macarena Martí)

Larry Hagman (Richard Slater)

Estreno: 15-09-2009 (2009) | 17-09-2009

Horario de emisión: Emisión diaria. A partir de las 16:00 en Antena 3

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