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Andalusia offers limitless settings in which to shoot cinema and television audiovisual  productions.  It’s history, customs, natural places, culture and  fiestas together with the most hours of sunshine in Europe make this the ideal place for production companies throughout the world who are looking for story locations.


Our experience and knowledge of Andalusia, location for the filming of our fiction series for over fifteen years, means we are able to offer the following services:  location finding,  filming permit arrangements, production, sets,  technical equipment, assistance and support to production companies during their stay in the area.



A total of more than 1,000 actors and 400 technicians have worked on our sets and film locations, and are made available to our clients.


Casting services for A PERFECT DAY, film shot in Granada by Fernando León de Aranoa.

Casting services for LA SELECCIÓN, television production currently broadcast by CARACOL TV in Colombia. 


La Selección
La Selección

La Selección
La Selección

La Selección
La Selección

La Selección
La Selección


We are associates of LOASUR Studios in Málaga.

More than 1.500.000 sqft of exterior backlot sets ,including four  Film and TV studios of 12.000; 6.500; 5.300 and 4.500 sqft. 

Only 30 min from the coast and Malaga International Airport.




32,000 hours of shooting for the series Plaza Alta, Arrayan, La Dársena de Poniente, Accomplices and various TV movies make us a reference in Andalusia for audiovisual production.  Our experience has been endorsed by viewing figures year after year, and by the industry with awards such as the Onda or the Biznaga de Plata.

Services for Caracol TV: logistics, locations and filming scenes for the series LA SELECCIÓN broadcast in Colombia..

Services for the series AQUÍ NO HAY QUIÉN VIVA (Mediaset España).

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