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2001 | Canal Sur

Arrayán is a luxury hotel in an unspecified town in the Costa del Sol. The series portrays the everyday lives of the hotel’s owners and employees, and the relationships between them and the customers.

Somos Cómplices (Accessories)

2009 | Antena 3

'Somos cómplices [Accessories] tells the story of Harvey Slater (Martijn Kuiper), the son of a couple of American millionaires. With his life nearly over, Harvey’s father, played by Larry Hagman, confesses to Harvey that they had in fact adopted him. Harvey decides to search for his biological family in Spain

La Dársena de Poniente (The West Dock)

2006 | TVE

La Dársena de Poniente [The West Dock] tells of the luxurious life of the Bazán family, the holders of an immense fortune and the owners of one of Europe’s biggest sea transport companies, which is thrown into confusion following a serious, unexpected accident.

Castillos en el aire (Castles in the Sky)

2000 | Canal Sur

The plot is set in the Almenafría Hotel and is centred round some unique characters, the main ones of which are Lola and Eladio, a couple who are constantly arguing. The action begins when Lola sees her ex-husband Eladio on television, who, to her horror, has appeared on a chat show to declare his love for her and try to win her back.

Plaza Alta (High Square)

1998 | Canal Sur

A love story, a business dispute and the clash between two families from the world of wine (the Montesino family and the Ibáñez family) are the basis for the plot in this drama series.

Ponme una Nube, Rocío (Bring me a Dream, Rocío)

2010 | Canal Sur

Ponme una nube [Bring me a dream, Rocío] is a cheerful, light-hearted series that relates the tangles of two incompatible cousins - Rocío (Eva Pedraza) and Flor (Paz Padilla) – who, by a twist of fate, become the joint owners of La Nube, a coffee bar near the bus station in a middle-class town on the Andalusian coast.

Rocio, casi madre (Rocío the Nearly-Mum)

2007 | Canal Sur

Rocío is almost a mother because she is about to marry Antonio, who is a widow and has three children. Rocío spent her childhood in an orphanage wanting to be adopted, but Antonio’s children have no wish to be adopted – and even less so if their new mother wants them to move from the town they have grown up in to a big city.

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