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Salvaje (Savage)

Year of production: 2002

Director: Joaquín Llamas

Script writers: Arturo Cid, Salvador Perpiñá

Genre: Drama























Isabel works as a journalist for a television production company. She is completely devoted to her job and hardly has time for her family. Her husband Miguel and their son Carlos have a serious accident, for which she feels responsible and falls into a deep depression. Alfonso, a journalist who works with her husband, encourages her to take charge of running a small audiovisual company belonging to Miguel. But Isabel is not in sufficient spirits to take on such a high level of responsibility.

One day, while she is talking a walk through the park, the young journalist finds a dog that has been left abandoned. Following a failed attempt to lose the animal, the dog accompanies her home. A desperate Isabel tries to commit suicide and the dog rescues her. From then on she grows ever fonder of Danko.

But the main character will be forced to make a horrible decision when she discovers that Danko is a fighting dog. This discovery will cause Alfonso and Isabel to uncover an actual illegal dog-fighting network. A world in which violence, sadism and cruelty to animals make up the agenda.



TV movie co-produced by ZEPPELIN TV and Linze TV.


Natalia Millán (Isabel)

Francisco Maestre (Merino) Alejandra Grepi (Verónica) Manolo Caro (Willy)

Patxi Bisquert (Andrade)

Alberto Jiménez (Alfonso)

José Angel Egido (Javier)

José Olmo (Miguel)

Marta Aledo (Señorita)

Darío Paso (Juanillo)

Kike Biguri (Borracho)

Paco Paredes (Veterinario) Miguel Ángel Godo (Médico) Mikel Tello (Ayte. Veterinario) Robert Bertrand (Colombiano) Raquel Navamuel (Presentadora)

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