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Rocío, casi madre (Rocío the Nearly-Mum)

Estreno: 10-10-2007 (2007) | 25-06-2008

Horario de emisión: Miércoles a las 22,15 en Canal Sur

























Rocío is almost a mother because she is about to marry Antonio, who is a widow and has three children. Rocío spent her childhood in an orphanage wanting to be adopted, but Antonio’s children have no wish to be adopted – and even less so if their new mother wants them to move from the town they have grown up in to a big city. For Rocío is a worldly-experienced woman who comes from the capital, where she works as an image consultant to celebrities, and she is entering the small world of Antonio, a handsome livestock farmer from a small town who is willing to sell everything he has to start a new life with her somewhere else. If Rocío decides to stay after the wedding, she must learn to live in a town where everyone knows each other. If they sell the land and leave, she will have to work hard to earn the love and trust of her ‘nearly-children’, who, besides, are going through the tough phase of the teens. Her destiny has some huge surprises in store that will reveal Rocío’s true colours each week.



Rocío, casi madre is a spin-off from Arrayán. In Arrayán, Eva Pedraza played Charo and her twin sister Rocío, who appeared in Arrayán shortly before going off to live in Alminares, the fictional town in Rocío, casi madre.


Eva Pedraza (Rocío)

Alejandro Navamuel (Antonio Rivas)

Alejandro Albarracín (Daniel)

Patricia Montero (Bárbara)

Lara Cobos (Celia)

Beatriz Garrido (Libertad)

Víctor Sevilla (Gustavete)

Pablo Paredes (Miguelito)

Alex Valeiras (Ángel)

Anibal Soto (Jesús Peinado)

Mercedes Hoyos (Remedios)

Cesáreo Estébanez (Remigio)

Olga Rodríguez Vargas (Abi)

Lucía Hoyos (Lola)

Juan Alberto Burgos (Paco)

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