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Ponme una nube (Bring me a dream, Rocío)

Estreno: 01-06-2010 (2010)

Horario de emisión: Miércoles a las 22,15 en Canal Sur



























Ponme una nube [Bring me a dream, Rocío] is a cheerful, light-hearted series that relates the tangles of two incompatible cousins - Rocío (Eva Pedraza) and Flor (Paz Padilla) – who, by a twist of fate, become the joint owners of La Nube, a coffee bar near the bus station in a middle-class town on the Andalusian coast.



Ponme una nube, Rocío [Bring me a dream, Rocío] is the second season of Rocío, casi madre [Rocío the Nearly-Mum]. The characters are virtually the same and the locations are similar, but this fiction series is different. Linze TV wished to go a bit further and give the series a fresher air, with a friendlier, light-hearted register. Ultimately, it is a radical change that has made it Canal Sur’s top television comedy. La Nube is the coffee bar of Rocío and her cousin Flor. In Spanish, the word nube [cloud] is also the name for a type of coffee with just a little coffee in it but lots of milk. But the Spanish expression ‘Ponme una nube’ is also like saying ‘Bring me a dream’ or ‘Make my dream come true.’


Eva Pedraza (Rocío Riego)

Paz Padilla (Flor Riego)

Anibal Soto (Jesús Peinado)

Oscar Higares (Mateo)

Lara Cobos (Celia)

Pablo Paredes (Miguelito)

Cesáreo Estébanez (Remigio)

Esperanza Macías (Paz)

Olga Rodríguez Vargas (Abi)

Juan Alberto Burgos (Paco)

Guillermo Martín (Yago)

Lucía Hoyos (Lola)

Víctor Sevilla (Gustavete)

Lidia Reyes (María)

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