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Pasión adolescente (Teenage Passion)

Year of production: 2001

Director: Joaquín Llamas

Scriptwriters: Miguel Del ArcoAitor Tejada

Genre: Drama























Based on a true story, this film tells the story of Mónica, a sixteen-year-old girl who falls madly in love with her philosophy teacher, Fernando. The girl begins to idealize her feelings to the point of fantasising situations and inventing all kinds of childish ruses to catch his attention.

Meanwhile, Fernando leads what is, for him, a cushy life: he is married to Helena, an executive with whom he has a child of barely a year old, while also having an affair with Diana, the school headmistress.

Mónica will become obsessed with becoming part of Fernando’s life, and she will use all kinds of tactics to win his love, letting nothing stand in her way. Fernando’s world starts to shake until it hits rock bottom when his wife finds out about his affair with the school headmistress. That is when Mónica decides to confess her secret love to Fernando.

An encounter between the two, in which Fernando will discover Mónica’s deceitful tactics to put an end to his marriage and to his affair with Diana, will change their lives, for Mónica herself accuses Fernando of rape.



Television movie co-produced by ZEPPELIN TV, Linze TV, Continental and 3Koma93.


Beatriz Luengo (Mónica)

Aníbal Soto (Fernando)

Remedios Cervantes (Diana)

Fanny Gautier (Helena)

Elisa Salo (Natacha)

Israel Rodríguez (Rafa)

Pepa Pedroche (Lola)

Alfredo Alba (Fermín)

Paco Churruca (Luis)

Fernando Ustarroz (Héctor)

Carmen Fernández (Ana)

Cuca Escribano (Inspectora) Franciska Ródenas (Doctora)

Kiku Galiano (Joven)



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