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La Dársena de Poniente [The West Dock] tells of the luxurious life of the Bazán family, the holders of an immense fortune and the owners of one of Europe’s biggest sea transport companies, which is thrown into confusion following a serious, unexpected accident. The Bazán business empire is run firmly by the head of the family, Alberto (Sancho Gracia), who relentlessly controls the business he started up as a young man. He is married to Mercedes (Silvia Tortosa), a woman always in the shadows, and they have three children: Héctor (Guillermo Romero), who is the oldest and most sensible of the children and is now a husband and father; the whimsical Carla (Cristina Urgel); and Julián (Alejandro Barahona), who is frivolous and superficial. It all starts the day before Carla’s wedding. Fatefully, there is a serious accident. The police investigate and find several signs that suggest the accident may have been caused deliberately. And they detect that a number of family members, some of the company’s employees and even some of the family’s closest friends could be involved.



The character Alberto (Sancho Gracia) died and was buried, but he had to be revived a few episodes later, due to the fall in viewing figures.



Sancho Gracia (Alberto Bazán)

Silvia Tortosa (Mercedes)

Cristina Urgel (Carla Bazán)

Bárbara de Lema (Luisa)

Manuel Zarzo (Rafael)

Miguel Rellán (Leopoldo)

Guillermo Romero(Héctor Bazán)

Emmanuel Esparza (Rubén)

Alex Barahona (Julián Bazán)

Cristóbal Suárez(Tomás Asensio)

Athenea Mata (Silvia)

Estrella Zapatero (Sofía)

Pablo Vega (Emilio)

Vladimir Cruz (Martín)

Jorge Elorza (Santos)

Rebeca Cobos (Sandra)

Estreno: 07-10-2006 (2006) | 01-02-2007

Horario de emisión: Viernes y Sábados a partir de las 22:30 en TVE

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GaldoMedia Dársena1 (13).jpg

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La Dársena de Poniente (The West Dock)
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