Salvador Perpiñá

Script writer

Although I would find it hard to explain why, Salvador Perpiñá has spent an entire lifetime concocting stories.  As well as forming part of the creative team which brought us television hits in Andalusia such as Plaza Alta or Arrayán, he has also written for national series such as Periodistas, Los Serrano, Pelotas and Isabel.  He has recently stopped smoking and his friends are still expecting great things from him.

Álvaro Anglada


Born in Madrid, raised in Malaga.  His whole life is audiovisual production, his family and good food.  His professional career is supported by twenty-five years experience. Calm, tidy and enthusiastic.  “I love it when things go according to plan.”

Reyes Baltanás

Executive Producer

Reyes Baltanás has been working in television for 26 years. Her career working for Antena 3 started with news production, followed by executive production of entertainment programmes, and finally assistant director of the fiction department for 7 years. In her own words “I got tired of desk jobs and wanted to be more hands-on“. In 2005 she began working as an executive producer of fiction series for Boomerang TV, working on “Círculo Rojo”, “Física o Química “ (7 seasons and an Ondas award in 2009), “Los Misterios de Laura” (3rd season) and “El tiempo entre Costuras” (Ondas award in 2013 and Iris Award for Best Production at the ATV awards.). Self-motivated and a lover of this “crazy business”.

Tacho González

Script writer

Tacho Gonzalez is one of the script writers who has coordinated most hours of television fiction in this country.  More than 1500 episodes, in other words 750 hours, the equivalent of 375 films.  This tremendous figure has not stopped him from directing his own shorts which have been seen at festivals throughout half the world, earning him numerous prizes.  Before being a script writer he banged away on a drum kit for 15 years in the rock group 091. In his free time he studied for a degree in Ancient history which he passed after 16 years with reasonable marks.

Ignacio García

Script writer

His other self spent half a lifetime determined to combine words and melodies, so who would have thought that Ignacio Garcia would be called from above to join the beautiful art of script writing. One fine day many years ago, circumstances and curiosity led him to try his hand at inventing storylines and characters.  For over a decade he has dedicated himself to the noble professions of dialogist, step outline and bible writer, or in other words, dreaming up charming tales to the delight of children, youngsters and grownups.  Could there be anyone better?

Primera Versión

Script writers

Primera Version is a Company which produces and develops audiovisual content and specializes in fiction. We are a young company which was set up with the aim of creating audiovisual products adapted to the demands of an ever-changing industry.  To this end we have a creative team which has a solid professional grounding in creation, writing and coordinating series like Hospital Central, Mir, De repente los Gomez and La Memoria del Agua amongst others.  A solid professional grounding which serves to undertake all of our projects, both ones that were originally thought up in house and those which we carry out in close cooperation with producers or channels and even those which have been commissioned.

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