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Castillos en el aire (Castles in the sky)

Estreno: 11-01-2000 (2000)

Horario de emisión: Martes a partir de las 21,30 en Canal Sur

























The plot is set in the Almenafría Hotel and is centred round some unique characters, the main ones of which are Lola and Eladio, a couple who are constantly arguing. The action begins when Lola sees her ex-husband Eladio on television, who, to her horror, has appeared on a chat show to declare his love for her and try to win her back. She ignores him, so Eladio lands a job at the Almenafría Hotel where Lola works in public relations. At the hotel all kinds of situations will come about. Besides these two characters, a bellboy who is also a smuggler, and a stoic waiter, a staunch nationalist, a kitchen assistant who does not understand a word of Spanish, the eccentric hotel owner and the head chambermaid all appear in the programme.



The original title of the programme was Eladio & cía, in reference to the two characters in the hit series Plaza Alta [High Square] and whose special love-hate relationship continues in this series. 


Jose Luís García (Eladio)

Belén López (Lola)

Paco León (Botones)

Germán Cobos (Dueño de hotel)

Juanma Lara (Hijo del dueño)

Pepe Tous (Pinche Lucas)

Rafael Erosa (Cocinero)

Concha Galán (Limpiadora) Jaime Ordoñez (Camarero) Mayte Sandoval (Camarera)

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