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Cantando en familia (A song for the family)


Constantino Romero



Marta Valverde

Alicia Araque

Juan Muñoz sustituido por Guillermo Martín



The winners of the first edition of "Singing in the family" were the components of the Serrano family.

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Estreno: 21-09-2008 (2008) | 16-11-2008

Horario de emisión: Domingos a las 21,50 en CMTV



Director: Pablo del Pozo Miguel Aparicio

Genre: Game Show






















Cantando en familia [A Song for the Family] is a game show in which seven families perform a well-known song each week. There is room in the show for all styles from copla [a Spanish musical genre] through to hip hop, with some pop and rock in between. Brothers and sisters, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren ... they will all get up onto the Cantando en familia stage to display their musical talent.

A panel of several experts from the world of show business evaluates each performance and decides which families sing best each week. The families who receive the least favourable verdicts then have to work extra hard throughout the week and face a public vote. They also receive support and guidance from the programme’s instructors.

But the families will not be the only protagonists in the game show. Friends and neighbours will also be able to take part in the programme each week, for they will be their best set of fans.




Week by week, Cantando en familia gradually built up followers. The programme smashed all of its records and recorded its highest audience of the season with an 11.5% share of the audience and 77 000 viewers. This statistic improves on Castilla-La Mancha TV’s [Castile-La Mancha’s regional TV channel] daily average rating (10.7%) by eight tenths and October’s average daily viewing figures (10.1%) by 1.4 points. The Linze TV programme built up an audience share of 16.1% in peak time viewing and was the third most viewed programmed in the day on the Castile-La Mancha channel.

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