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Calles de Fuego (Streets of fire)
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Year of production: 2006

Director: Ismael Morillo

Scriptwriters: Tacho González, Fátima Martín

Genre: Drama























Every weekend in a working class neighbourhood, cars are turning up burned out. These incidents cause the neighbours’ mood to gradually turn sour and they accuse the police and judges of allowing gangs to do as they please around the streets. Now a bar owner, the ex-policeman Jiménez organizes street patrols by neighbours to put a stop to the situation and restore order in the neighbourhood.

Ani and Niko are two teenagers in love. Ani is a romantic girl, a dreamer, whose family have always protected and supported her. To Niko, however, life has been cruel. His mother is an alcoholic and his older brother, Pablo, has appeared several times before a judge because of his exploits in a gang. So it has fallen upon Niko to be the head of the family.

The problems begin for Niko and Ani the day Ani’s father, Francisco, sees Niko with Pablo and the gang. Francisco, who has worked hard all of his life driving a taxi so that Ani wants for nothing, disapproves of their relationship and forbids his daughter to keep seeing Niko.

Ani and Niko must start seeing each other in secret. One day, Francisco accuses Niko of having set his taxi ablaze as an act of revenge on him and joins the patrols organized by retired cop Jiménez to pursue and punish the culprits.



The series was filmed in the streets of Málaga in the summer of 2005, in the neighbourhoods of San Andrés, La Paz, El Bulto and La Luz.

The singer and TV presenter Natalia makes her acting debut in Calles de Fuego, playing Ani’s best friend Rebeca.


Álvaro de Luna (Jiménez)

Alberto Amarilla (Niko)

Teresa Hurtado (Ani)

Manolo Solo (Francisco)

Pablo Rojas (Pablo)

Marisol Membrillo (Esperanza)

Ander Pardo (El Canijo)

Belén Constenla (Antonia)

Natalia (Rebeca)