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Arrayán is a luxury hotel in an unspecified town in the Costa del Sol. The series portrays the everyday lives of the hotel’s owners and employees, and the relationships between them and the customers. It shows the reality of urban Andalusia as it is today, displaying elements of this autonomous community’s identity.



Despite competing in prime time against series broadcast nationwide and American series with a budget three times bigger, Arrayán enjoys the highest viewing figures in Andalusia. It has the lowest production costs in Europe for a series that is broadcast daily.



Arrayán has been awarded numerous prizes, one of the most notable being the 2005 Ondas Award for the best Spanish fiction series. In 2007 the series was awarded another major acknowledgement, the Serie 10 award, from the Academia de Televisión [a cultural institution for television], for its significant contribution to television in the last ten years. That same year, the Asociación de Telespectadores de Andalucía (ATE) [an Andalusian independent body that represents the interests of viewers] granted Arrayán its award for best series. At the eighth Málaga Film Festival, in 2006, the series was awarded a Biznaga de Plata [an award with a bunch of jasmines in silver] for its popularity and major contribution to Andalusia’s audiovisual productions industry. In 2004, the series received the Laurel de Oro [Golden Laurel] for quality, an award from TV Más Novela [a media group]. In its first season (2001/2002), Arrayán received the GECA award for the Spanish programme to have had the most viewers on Canal Sur Televisión.



Hundreds of actors have starred in Arrayán, both veteran actors and rising talents who achieved their first taste of working in television here.


First season:

Agustín González (Germán Santisteban)

Remedios Cervantes (Pilar Torres)

Germán Cobos (Arturo Torres)

Mariano Peña (Lorenzo Santisteban)

Jose Manuel Seda (Pablo Santisteban) Carlos Castel (Dani)

Alberto Amarilla (Jorge)

Susana Córdoba (Sofía)

Cuca Escribano (Teresa)

Ricardo Arroyo (Mateo Sevilla)

Alfonsa Rosso (Paqui)

Beatriz Catalán (Irene Sevilla)


Other great actors and actresses who have starred in Arrayán are:

Miguel de Miguel (Yeray)

Victoria Mora (Carolina)

Raquel Infante (Sole)

Salvador Guerrero (Mario)

Máximo Valverde (Cayetano)

Aníbal Soto (Eloy)

Sofía Mazagatos (Nuria)

Antonio Garrido (Víctor Fortuny) Manolo Solo (Marcelo)

Marisol Membrillo (Caridad)

Mirtha Ibarra (Vicky)

Mari Cielo Pajares (Marga)

Antonio Pagudo (Juan)

Carolina Cerezuela (Julia)

Fabiola Toledo (Rosa)

Eva Pedraza (Charo Valverde)

Juan Gea (Sergio Bolivar)

Vicente Romero (Nicolás)

Rocío Madrid (Sandra Planell)

Estreno: 03-02-2001 (2001) | 09/01/2013

Horario de emisión: De Lunes a Jueves a las 21:40 en Canal Sur 

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