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Al alcance de su mano (Within Reach)

Year of production: 2002

Director: Antonio Hernandez

Scriptwriters: Miguel Del Arco, Nacho Faerna

Genre: Drama




















Olga is an extremely attractive, twenty-five year-old woman, who comes to Seville from the town where she was living with her father. She moves into a flat with her cousin Lupe, a waitress in a pizza restaurant. Olga starts working there with her but is fired not long after. Everything seems to be going against Olga, but she starts to work in an advertising agency where, initially, she just makes photocopies and does errands. However, a stroke of luck changes her life. Her role in the agency changes and when it seems that things are going well, a setback with one of the agency’s major customers leads to Olga being wrongfully imprisoned. None of her colleagues at the agency help her. Her father and Lupe are her only support.



A television movie co-produced by ZEPPELIN TV, Linze TV, Continental Producciones and 3 Koma 93.





Mónica Estarreado (Olga) Roberto Enríquez (Juanma) Juan Fernández (César)

Marta Molina (Lupe)

Victoria Oliver (Adela)

Paco Hernández (Rovira)

Alicia Mohino (Abogada) Aníbal Soto (Luis)

Vicente Renovel (Alfonso) Alfredo Díaz (Andrés)

Juan Castro (Padre)

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